U.S. and European exchanges collapsed after investors assessed the decisions of the world’s central banks

U.S. and European stock exchanges fell sharply on Thursday. The day before the Fed, as previously reported, took an aggressive key rate hike, and yesterday it was announced in the UK (+0.25 bp, to the highest since 2013) and for the first time in 15 years - in Switzerland (+0.5 bp). The Dow Jones ended Thursday down 2.41%, the NASDAQ was down 4.08%, and the S&P 500 hit its lowest since last January, down 3.14%. On the day of the Fed announcement, the negative market trend that started last Friday after the news on record inflation in the U.S. was reversed into growth - indices closed Wednesday in the plus position, which justified investors' hopes for more decisive actions of the Fed. However, now the threat of recession in the world due to the tough policy of the regulators has come to the forefront, which increased concerns and selling of stocks. Major European indices closed down 2.39% to 3.31%.