The head of the Fed did not rule out a recession in the United States

Major U.S. stock indices rose on Thursday - Dow Jones closed the session up 0.64%, S&P 500 - 0.64%, NASDAQ - 1.62%. European stock indexes were down 1.76%. The American market accepted the speech of Jerome Powell rather calmly, but the statements of the Fed's head did not ease the fears in the international community about the recession. Powell did not rule out the possibility that the tight policy of interest rates' increase might indeed provoke a recession, although the regulator has no goal to worsen the economic conditions. As desirable as a "soft landing" would be, given the current situation, it will be very difficult to achieve, Fox Business reports the regulator. Investors' concerns about prospects of the global economy, which is under pressure of tough measures of central banks, contributed to the negative dynamics of oil prices, which continued to decline yesterday, in the evening Brent dropped 1.58% to $109.97 per barrel and WTI gained 1.88% ($104.9).