Global passenger air travel increased by 76% compared to last summer

Passenger air transportation in the world, according to data for June, showed a growth of more than 76% year-on-year. The relevant statistics was presented by the International Air Transport Association. The best results were observed in the Middle East, the weakest - in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the Association, the number of intercountry flights more than doubled by 229.5 percent, while the increase within countries was 5.2 percent. In the Middle East and Europe regions, which showed the most active dynamics, they increased by 216.8% and 155.1% respectively, and in the APAC region by 33.7%. According to the association, the easing of restrictive measures, introduced in the latter against the background of the growth of coronavirus incidence, will contribute to the recovery of this industry on a global scale. Nevertheless, the negative factors for pent-up demand will be higher prices and higher rates by central banks to restrain it.