Copper fell to its lowest price in six months

Copper prices fell to their lowest since November 2022, breaking through $8,000 a tonne. The reason was the situation in China, its largest importer - the pace of its economic recovery was China, its biggest importer, is recovering at a slower pace than analysts and investors expected, reports China consumes about 50% of the world's copper.

The negative factor was the weak macrostatistics for April, published on Wednesday. As noted by Citigroup, it is alarming, because it shows that the real results of the country are quite modest. That factor has caused a significant decline in metal prices in recent weeks. However, according to Goldman Sachs, if players stop fearing a global recession, they will shoot up, and copper will rise to $10,000 a tonne by May next year. The bank is known for its bullish outlook on it.

At the moment, copper supply exceeds demand, and since is likely to further increase its volume in the global market, prices are declining, said the head of trading at Yonggang