Conflict over Taiwan could have unfortunate consequences for the U.S. economy

The conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan could deal an additional blow to the U.S. economy, experts warn. The U.S. is very dependent on imports of microchips produced on the island, something the Joe Biden administration said last year. Then the United States suffered a $240 billion loss amid a shortage of microchips, writes "Prime".

In particular, this concerns the products of the Taiwanese company TSMC that occupies a global leadership position in the manufacture of semiconductors. According to Capital Economics, it accounts for more than 90% of the world's production of the most advanced microchips. They are used in projects of state purpose, on them is based production of the most important and technically difficult systems, including in defense industry. Besides, such IT giants as Apple, AMD, nVidia, Qualcomm and others implement them in their products. In the event of an armed clash in Taiwan, TSMC's operations could be halted, the head of the company, Mark Lew, said on CNN in July.