Analysts predict a challenging year in 2023

The last two years have not been easy - the coronavirus in 2021 was followed by record inflation in 2022. However, the next year also does not bode well - the forecasts of analysts are rather disappointing, Prime news agency cited by Yeni Şafak.

The Economist's report on the industry outlook for the next year notes that renewable energy sources will become more in demand, while at the same time economic growth will be slower. Energy consumption will stop growing, and global energy demand will increase by only 1.3%.

Higher interest rates by central banks will lead to a reduction in institutional investment, writes The Economist. Global retail sales will rise 5%, but profit margins will fall due to higher costs. Online commerce, which boomed in 2021 in the wake of the pandemic, will continue to grow at a moderate pace of 6.1% next year, according to the magazine.