World stock exchanges closed in the red zone on the escalation of the U.S.-China conflict

The world stock exchanges closed on Tuesday with the fall against the background of tense geopolitical situation, aggravated due to the visit of American Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. At the close of trading the key US indices were down 0.16% - 1.23%, European - 0.054% - 0.35% and Asian - 0.52% - 2.26%.

Pelosi arrived on the island on Tuesday in defiance of sharp protest from China, which views the trip as a challenge to the country's territorial integrity. Beijing had earlier sharply warned Washington against a visit to Taiwan, warning that it would entail a harsh response on its part - it intends to vigorously defend China's sovereignty. After the United States ignored the warning and the speaker arrived on the island, China protested, arguing that the U.S. actions violated several communiqués it had signed, defied its sovereignty and seriously undermined relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, Beijing has already sent military planes and ships to Taiwan.