U.S. Treasury Secretary Says Interest Rates May Rise

Interest rates in the United States may rise - this is what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen The possibility of the country's Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the words of which reports CNBC. According to her statement, this measure may The measure may be necessary in order to prevent the economy from overheating on the background of trillion-dollar financial injections by the authorities in order to to support it. The minister added that while the additional spending is relatively small relative to U.S. GDP, it could lead to a slight rise in interest rates. Investors were pessimistic about the announcement, with most of the U.S. investors were pessimistic about the news, and in the aftermath of the announcement, most U.S. stock indexes ended the trading session decline. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ were down 0.67% and 1.88 The Dow Jones rose a symbolic 0.058%. Economic data also had a negative impact - The United States trade deficit in March set a new record, increasing by $3.9 billion in monthly terms. Nevertheless Nevertheless, its volume ($74.4 billion) was $0.1 billion lower than forecasts.