U.S. stock indices closed in different directions

The main U.S. stock indexes closed yesterday's trading at the end of the day the Dow Jones was down. As a result of the day the Dow Jones, The Dow Jones was down 0.021%, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ added 0.3% and 0.62 0.62%. The indices were negative before the US economic data publication. indexes had been showing negative dynamics, but after the release, they partly indexes partly returned to growth. The unemployment data turned out to be better than forecasted - the number of initial jobless claims over the previous week decreased by 6 ths. The number of initial jobless claims fell by 6,000 last week compared to the previous week, reaching a low of 290,000 in March of last year. The number of initial jobless claims fell 6,000 last week from the previous week, reaching its lowest level since last March (290,000). Analysts, on the contrary, Analysts, on the other hand, had expected an increase, with a projected estimate of 300,000. Secondary housing market statistics for September showed a 7- percentage increase in the number of purchase and sales transactions compared to The statistics for September's secondary market showed a 7 percent increase in the number of sales compared to August, with a total of 6.29 million. NASDAQ was supported by positive financial results Tesla, whose profits last quarter rose to $1.618 billion.