U.S. stock indexes plummeted 4% on comments of the Fed

On Wednesday at the American and European trading floors negative dynamics prevailed - the main stock indices closed in the red. By the end of the day Dow Jones lost 3.57%, S&P 500 - 4.04%, NASDAQ - 4.73%. In Europe DAX (Germany) declined by 1.26%, FTSE 100 (UK) - by 1.07%, CAC 40 (France) - by 1,20%. The pessimistic sentiment among investors increased after the words of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's words that the regulator might The regulator might act more aggressively to curb inflation. That would occur if it did not see sufficient clear evidence of falling price levels; appropriate measures would include a more aggressive key rate hikes. The regulator's tough policy is worrying markets, fearing that it will lead to a recession. Meanwhile, the U.S. is planning to allocate an additional $300 million in in connection with global food shortages, and the cost of gasoline in the country set another record on Wednesday, rising to $4,567 a gallon.