U.S. stock exchanges showed a correction after a significant decline the day before

Leading U.S. stock indexes showed a correction yesterday after a significant decline on Monday. By the end of Tuesday the Dow Jones rose 1.62%, the S&P 500 gained 1.52% and the NASDAQ gained 1.57%. The previous day they had shown the most significant decline at least since May, reaching 2%. on the previous day, they had fallen the most since at least May, by as much as 2%. In addition to the correction, the positive dynamics were promoted by strong U.S. economic data on the real estate market. As shown by In June, the number of new homes built in the country rose above expectations, reaching a record high of just over 2% the previous day. The number of new houses was 1.64 million, versus 1.59 million predicted by analysts. The growth of this indicator was at 6.3%. The fall earlier in the day was due to concerns about The drop earlier in the day was due to concerns about the deterioration of the coronavirus, in particular, the active its new species. The Dow Jones, which lost 2.1%, posted strongest drop since late 2020, while the rest of the indexes declined to their lowest levels since May of this year.