U.S. stock exchanges closed without a single trend

U.S. stock indices on Wednesday closed in different directions. The Dow Jones rose a symbolic 0.048%, the S&P 500 rose 0.15%, NASDAQ was down 0.07%. Yesterday investors were focused on the results of the March meeting of the Fed. of the Federal Reserve, the results of which the key rate was kept at The decision was in line with expectations of the March meeting of the Federal Reserve. The decision coincided with the expectations of the majority of market participants. At the moment, players are concerned about the risk of a sharp increase in inflation after the expected easing of restrictions imposed because of the Coronavirus, and reduction of the volume of financial support to the economy from the authorities. The consequence of such a scenario could be The regulator could raise the key rate, despite the fact that according to its forecast that it should remain unchanged in the next two the next two years. According to Penn Mutual Asset Management, Mark Happenstahl, who was quoted by Bloomberg, a spike in inflation that could affect policy Federal Reserve, is the biggest risk for him.