U.S. stock exchanges closed in the negative

The main American stock indices closed Monday with decline - Dow Jones fell by 0.078%, S&P 500 - by 0.016%, NASDAQ - by 0.35%. During the day they showed positive trends, but by the evening the market was either pessimistic. Last week ended with a decline of 0.7% after it became known about the record growth of inflation in the United States for the last 31 years. This week the investors' attention is focused on the release of statistics on industrial production and retail sales for October. Analysts' expectations are optimistic: according to their estimates, the former increased by 0.7% after a decline in September, and the latter increased by 1.1% (which is 0.4 percentage points more than a month earlier). The fall in the technology sector was helped by the negative dynamics of Tesla shares. Their value fell 5 percent yesterday after Ilon Musk tweeted that he might continue to get rid of his own stock. So far, the founder of the company has sold them for $5.5 million, which triggered a drop in their value on the stock exchanges - as of last week, they fell by more than 15%.