U.S. stock exchanges closed higher on optimistic investor sentiment

The main U.S. stock indices finished Monday with growth - The Dow Jones added 0.68% and the S&P 500 gained 0.64%, THE NASDAQ GAINED 1.20%. Players are optimistic about the the development of the world economy in the coming year. Nevertheless, according to analysts, the prospects for the latter are still uncertain. of the world economy are still uncertain. On the one hand, this is caused by On the one hand, a continuing rise in inflation and, on the other hand, a worsening of the situation with the coronavirus due to a new strain. According to the director of Natixis Investment Managers Esty Dweck, economic performance this year will be slightly worse than previous year. Along with the new strain of coronavirus and inflation, he draws attention to such factors as supply chain failures and the The U.S. Federal Reserve's course of tightening monetary policy. His The Wall Street Journal reported his words, which, for its part, believes that the rise in stocks for its part, believes that the growth of stock indices this year will not exceed 20%.