U.S. GDP growth was below expectations, stock exchanges reacted neutrally

U.S. GDP growth in the third quarter, according to the second estimate, was below analysts' forecasts of 2.1% versus a forecast of 2.2%. For By comparison, in the second trimester the figure was 6.7%. The revised estimate was released yesterday by the nation's Department of of the country's Commerce Department, the primary was 2%. The third and final estimate will be presented on December 22. During the period under review, U.S. GDP growth was the slowest since the economic crisis began last year, which erupted amid a pandemic. Consumer spending rose more than experts expected, by 1.7%. The volume of exports decreased by 3%, which was worse than the initial estimate (2.5%), while the volume of imports increased (+5.8%). Stock indices after the release of statistics closed Only the Dow Jones by the end of the day showed a Only the Dow Jones dropped 0.12%. Gold continued its decline for the sixth session in a row, losing 0.39% by the evening.