U.S. exchanges closed with solid gains, Europe – symbolic on the eve of the outcome of the Fed meeting

The main U.S. stock indices finished trading with growth on the eve of the publication of the Federal Reserve's rate decision. The rally in General Motors shares contributed to the positive dynamics. By the end of the day Dow Jones added 1.09%, S&P 500 gained 1.46% and NASDAQ gained 1.67%.

General Motors posted a more optimistic profit forecast for the current year than analysts expected. As a result its shares grew more than 7%. The best results, according to the company, will contribute to the demand for electric cars and strengthening supply chains, reports investing.com.

On the European sites the mood was more subdued - German DAX and French CAC 40 rose by symbolic 0.01% each and British FTSE 100 fell by 0.17%. They were put under pressure by the weak macrostatistics - the euro area GDP growth in annual terms did not meet the expectations of analysts, amounting to 1.9% against the forecasted 2.2%, and retail sales in Germany decreased by 5.3% instead of the anticipated increase by 0.2%.

Expectations for a softening of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy were a supporting factor - according to the CME Group, cited by Prime news agency, 98% of analysts surveyed believe that the key rate will be raised by 25 basis points.