U.S. doesn’t want China to retaliate against its sanctions

The U.S. expects that China will not take tough measures in response to their sanctions against it. This was stated by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in an interview with Bloomberg TV, reports the agency "Prime".

Last month, the head of the United States Joe Biden said that he intends to 3 times increase duties on imported steel and aluminum from China. And a few days ago, the press published news that the raising of tariffs on electric cars from China is also under consideration. According to the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, they may be increased 4 times - up to 100%.

Yellen during a conversation with the channel did not announce these changes, but told about the hopes of the country's leadership that China will not impose retaliatory sanctions against U.S. companies such as Tesla. At the same time, she echoed Biden's earlier words about the United States' plans to prevent its main competitor from taking leading positions in strategically important areas of the country.