The world is approaching a cold war – head of the IMF

The conflict between the United States and China has the potential to provoke a cold war, said IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva. It has led to the division of the world community into camps that are hostile to each other. This trend threatens to reduce the level of welfare and security of the countries of the world in the very near future, she told The Washington Post.

Georgieva called fomenting a new Cold War irresponsible and said it was especially important to think through all future actions. Trade wars will launch a devastating process in the global economy that will hit the middle class and low-income categories of the population and contribute to an even greater increase in prices.

But the rising inflation in the world is not only due to the U.S.-China conflict. German citizens in mass revolt against rising prices - another protest of many thousands was held on Saturday in the capital of the country, writes "Prime. In addition to rising prices of food, rent, electricity, fuel and a general decline in living standards, people protested against the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the continuation of the military conflict, carried out, they said, at the cost of their well-being.