The statement of the Fed member supported the collapsed dollar

The dollar went into a correction after the strongest weekly decline in 2.5 years - 4%. The collapse was triggered by lower-than-expected inflation data. The U.S. currency's slide toward growth was helped by a speech on Sunday by Christopher Waller, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, who said it was impossible yet to speak with certainty of a slowdown in inflation, according to Prime news agency.

Now many experts suggest that investors may have overestimated the statistics on inflation and rushed to sell off. For example, this is the opinion of Australian Commonwealth Bank analyst Carol Kong, who supposes that the level of inflation in the United States will remain high, and this will prompt the Fed to continue tightening monetary policy. Kong conceded that the regulator may send other signals that could provide support for the dollar. According to analyst of Bank of Singapore Sim Mokha Siong, the American regulator has not finished its work yet, and active growth of the stock market is not in its interests, as well as excessive fall of profitability of treasuries. The words of experts are quoted by "Prime".