The reaction of markets to the Fed’s comments is excessive, experts say

Markets have been reacting extremely impulsively and somewhat illogically to the Fed's statements on the future course of monetary policy, experts say. After the speech of the head of the regulator Jerome Powell on Wednesday, where he actually repeated what was stated in the minutes of the last meeting, the US indices soared by 2 - 4%, as if the problem of inflation is overcome, although the head of the Fed did not say such a thing.

The dollar index resumed its collapse after the speech, which continued Thursday to its lowest level since July. It fell 4.96% in November, the biggest drop in 12 years.

The current sale of the dollar at the slightest hint at a further slowing of raising the key rate is excessive - the Fed is still going to further increase it, not decrease, said the head of the analytical department of Amarkets Artem Deyev. And the upsurge in the stock market may end with a sharp reversal downwards, as it has no good reason, warns the head of the investment group "Moscow Partners" Evgeny Kogan.