The list of the world’s top 10 economies has changed amid the pandemic

The pandemic has made adjustments to the list of the world's largest economies. This is evidenced by an analysis of the International Monetary Fund's Fund on the state of the global economy, conducted by CNBC. To assess the ranking of countries were used data on nominal GDP from the database of the fund. Despite the fact that the top four - the United States, China, Japan, Germany - remained unchanged, one country (Brazil) dropped out of the top 10. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the countries of the world faced the worst and most severe crisis in modern history. Despite the fact that nominal GDP does not exclude price fluctuations and inflation, when expressed in a single currency it can still be used to evaluate and compare different economies. Before the spread of the coronavirus, the top 5 to 10 on the list were India, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil and Canada (based on 2019 data). Last year, however, Brazil left the list, South Korea took its place, and the fifth position went to The U.K., which pushed India down to the sixth positio