The Fed expectedly raised the rate by 75 points

The Fed raised its key rate by 75 bps at the end of yesterday's meeting, as announced on its official website. 75 bp, it announced on its official website. This in line with the expectations of most analysts and market participants. of the market. The increase was the largest in the last 28 years, reports the news agency Prime. The key rate, which now stands at 1.5 to 1.75%, was for the third time since the beginning of the year. According to the Fed, this step is consistent with its goals of reducing inflation to 2% and achieve the highest employment rates. The FOMC will continue to monitor the impact on the economy of information of various kinds, including reports on price growth, health care, and the labor market, and is prepared to to adjust its monetary policy if it sees risks that could interfere with its stated goals. The regulator also announced a continuation of its asset in line with its previously approved plan: from June through August, it intends to reduce them by $47.5 billion each month, after that period - by $95 billion/month.