The consequences of anti-Russian sanctions are intensifying in Europe

The Bank of England forecasts a recession in Great Britain against the backdrop of rising electricity prices. According to its estimates, the latter will significantly increase in price over the current level by winter. Inflation in the country by this time could rise above 10% and reach its maximum value for 40 years. The rise in energy prices after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions has already had a noticeable impact on the lives of Britons - according to a survey by Britain Thinks, about 50% of families faced the need to limit the use of electricity and gas, as well as travel in private cars. However, by winter the situation could worsen so that 1.5 million families will not be able to cope with the cost of food and electricity, which will grow to unprecedented levels and exceed their earnings. This is evidenced by a study conducted by the British Institute NIESR. In France, according to the country's customs service, the trade deficit in March set a record, amounting to 11.5 billion euros. The reason is also attributed to the rise in energy prices.