Oil becomes cheaper amid fears of coronavirus

Oil prices are falling this morning - at 8:23 a.m. Brent was down 0.86% to $67.73, WTI down 0.83% to $64.38. Pressure on At the same time, the oil price was considerably weaker on the back of the worsening situation with the coronavirus in India, where the number of new carcinogenic diseases continued to increase in February. which since February continues to increase the number of new diseases. At the moment the country is in second place in the in the world. In addition, a new type of coronavirus was identified there, which adds to players' concerns about the outlook for commodity demand. The pandemic is one of the main factors influence on oil prices, analysts said. It is especially concerns the situation in developing countries. According to Oanda, cited by The Wall Street Journal, The main condition for the growth of prices in the second half of the year is to take them disease situation under control. The price dynamics are also influenced by the news about the leading U.S. pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, which is currently currently experiencing difficulties in its operations.