High prices for container shipments bring financial companies super profits

Instability in international supply chains has turned out to a big payoff for the financial companies that invested in container carriers before the pandemic. For example, U.S. hedge fund Mangrove Partners ($1.3 billion under management), about. 50% of its portfolio is accounted for securities of shipping companies, for 10 months of this year, was able to increase its capitalization by 70%. Significant results achieved and Dublin hedge fund Pilgrim Global, whose investment in MPC Container Ships helped it grow by This writes The Wall Street Journal. The high returns are helped by a sharp rise in the cost of container shipments amid the pandemic crisis. Shares of carriers have also risen significantly in price, which brings high profits for hedge funds that have invested in them. In addition, the latter are now the latter are successfully selling container ships for which there is high demand at the moment. which are in high demand at the moment. As for the main events of this week, the attention of investors will be concentrated on forthcoming publication of the minutes of Federal Reserve and statistics on the US GDP for the 3rd quarter.