Goldman Sachs advises against buying S&P 500 shares for now

Goldman Sachs is not recommending buying S&P 500 shares this week. The advice was given by the bank's trader John Flood on Monday after the day's intense decline. In that session, the decline of the index was as much as 3.5%, which is quite significant. Flood made several arguments against buying mentioned stocks before the end of the week, which are still relevance. First and foremost, he noted the spread of a new strain of coronavirus - in his view, the increasing amount of information on the subject is an unfavorable factor. In addition, the vast majority of majority of companies in the S&P 500 (99%) will not will not be able to buy back their securities this week. The rest of the expert's arguments: - Professional traders are now increasing their sell-offs and will be on the winning side, - U.S. indices halted gains last week despite strong financial reports from major companies, - the U.S. stock market's rise is almost entirely driven by the FAAMG giants' successes, which makes it vulnerable and increases the likelihood of a collapse.