Gasoline inventories in the U.S. have fallen to their lowest level in 8 years

Gasoline inventories in the United States last week reached their lowest level in 8 years at 205.7 million barrels, down 0.9 million. Prior to that, they had been falling for three consecutive weeks. The statistics were released Wednesday by the country's Department of Energy. It was reported by Prime news agency.

Oil stocks last week rose to a 15-month high of 440.8 million barrels. They rose by 3.9 million - analysts had expected it to be three times less (1.3 million). At the same time oil production in the country during the period under review grew by 200 thousand bpd to 12.1 million barrels. During the last four weeks it was at the level of 12 mln bpd.

According to updated forecast, the Energy Department of the USA expects oil production in the country to show an increase by 80 thousand bpd and amount to 11.83 million barrels. Next year the agency expects this indicator to be 12.31 mln bpd.