Federal Reserve may raise rates significantly this month – Reuters

According to Reuters, the Fed is preparing to raise interest rates significantly once again. The agency believes that this follows from the reports of managers of the agency, sounded last week. In particular, one of them, Christopher Waller, spoke in favor of such a step at the next meeting of the regulator. In his opinion, rates should be raised to a level that will have a limiting effect on demand. Though he didn't voice his support for a 75 basis points increase, his tone made it clear, according to Reuters.

According to Waller, the rate of increase in commodity prices in the U.S. has declined, but it is unclear when the same will happen for services. The official pointed out that rising rents are spurring inflation. Similar statements were made by other Fed executives. Investors generally reacted rather positively to these comments - major U.S. and European stock indexes finished Friday in the plus.

The Fed meeting is scheduled for September 20-21. On Tuesday, the publication of statistics on inflation in the United States is expected.