Fed sent conflicting signals on further rate hikes

Representatives of the U.S. Federal Reserve on Tuesday made several contradictory statements regarding the further course of the regulator. Christopher Waller, a member of the regulator's Board of Governors, admitted the start of the federal funds rate cut if inflation in the country continues to fall over the next three to five months, Prime news agency reported citing Reuters. At the same time, he noted the usefulness of such a step from an economic point of view.

A different point of view was expressed by Michelle Bowman, also a member of the Board of Governors. Energy carriers are likely to rise in price in the near future, which may adversely affect the success in reducing consumer prices. In her opinion, the key rate will have to be raised to bring inflation back to the 2% target in due time, TASS reports.

As the minutes of the last Fed meeting showed, the participants did not express their willingness to lower the rate at the current level of inflation, the publication writes.