Experts: no hurry to buy shares of IT-companies

Investors' interest in shares of IT-companies has somewhat cooled compared to the beginning of last year, when they were bought en masse against the backdrop of the crisis. The interest in IT stocks has cooled a bit since the beginning of last year, when they were being bought in droves amid the pandemic. pandemic-at the time, they seemed extremely for both professional and private investors at the time. investors. But now the picture has changed - in fact, the companies of this segment are overvalued, and the prospect of tightening of credit and monetary policy by the U.S. Federal Reserve provokes the sale of their securities. The record growth of inflation and comments of the regulator have set the market on the expectation of a rate hike, which might happen sooner than anticipated. In such an environment, many high-tech companies will face difficulties. Judging by current rates, many of them should be industry leaders, but from the perspective of Talbacken Capital Advisors founder Michael Perves, it's absurd to assume that every IT company will succeed Google. A not insignificant percentage of them don't make a profit at all, he notes. he -- such will be especially vulnerable after a rate hike. Don't rush to buy high-tech stocks. and Mike Wilson, a leading strategist for the U.S. market. at Morgan Stanley.