European stock exchanges closed mostly lower amid worsening pandemic situation

The main European stock indexes finished Monday Mostly in the red zone - DAX (Germany) fell 0.27%, FTSE 100 (U.K.) down 0.44% and CAC 40 (France) down 0.10%. Players preferred to walk away from the risk due to the likelihood of tighter quarantine restrictions. of tougher quarantine restrictions in the region amid another wave of of the coronavirus. The situation with its spreading in Europe is getting worse. In Germany, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel said last week it had reached a critical level. last week, it has reached a critical level -- a pandemic hitting the country with all its might. A lockdown was declared in Austria yesterday. Commenting on the dynamics of the indices in an interview with France Presse, Think Markets analyst Fawad Razakzada noted that the fall The decline was due to the comment of the head of Germany that set the investors in a pessimistic mood. They fear a slowdown in the global economic recovery. of the global economy that would follow if restrictions begin to European investors fear a slowdown in the global economic recovery that will follow if restrictions start to tighten.