European stock exchanges closed lower on corporate news from China and falling oil

The main European stock indexes closed Monday in The main European stock indexes closed on Monday in the red zone - DAX (Germany) lost 2.31%, FTSE 100 (UK) - 0.86%, CAC 40 (France) - 1.74%. The mood of the players was negatively influenced by the news from the company. players' moods were affected by the news about Evergrande, one of the largest in the construction industry in China. The last one is on the verge of default because of financial difficulties. According to According to The Wall Street Journal, the amount of its debt exceeds the same figure of the other public construction and construction and development companies on the world stage. Oil was down about 2% on Monday, which also put pressure on the index; That also put pressure on indices, triggering a drop European oil producers' stock prices by 0.9% to 1.6%. Gas prices in Europe set a new record yesterday. They rose during the prices yesterday set a new record high, rising just under 12% on the news of Gazprom's Gazprom's refusal to book Ukrainian capacity for gas transportation capacities.