European stock exchanges closed in the red zone amid a slowdown in the global economy

The main European stock indexes finished trading in the red - the platforms were dominated by concerns about the prospects of the global economy. DAX (Germany) lost 0.18%, FTSE 100 (Great Britain) - 0.48%, CAC 40 (France) - 0.48%. IG analyst Chris Boshan attributes the negative dynamics to the fact that the players keep worrying about the inflation level and the slowdown in the global economic growth, reports The Wall Street Journal. On the British index had more pressure from the drop in oil prices over the past few days - in particular, on Wednesday they fell by about 3%. A positive factor for the German index, which restrained its fall, was the publication of the financial report of ThyssenKrupp of Germany. In the last quarter of fiscal 2021, its revenue showed a 19-percent increase, reaching €9.4 billion. The company's loss in the period under review amounted to €116 million.