European stock exchanges closed in different directions

The main stock indices in Europe on Wednesday ended trading mostly in the red zone. partly in the red zone. DAX (Germany) fell 0.093%, FTSE 100 (UK) fell 0.041%, CAC 40 (France) rose 0.021%. Players remain cautious as they try to assess the next steps central banks in response to the surge in inflation. The latter continues to be the focus of of market participants, acting as one of the main factors, affecting quotation dynamics. Investors are following the monetary policy of the world central banks. After the publication of the minutes of the last of the Fed's last meeting, concerns have intensified, because, as it became known, the regulator can begin to reduce the redemption of assets. At the Fed. consider the current rise in inflation a temporary phenomenon, provoked by active measures to stimulate the U.S. economy. The worries of players about the coronavirus pandemic are slowly is slowly subsiding amid a gradual lifting of restrictions in some countries.