European and U.S. stock exchanges closed in the red zone amid rising inflation

U.S. stock indices ended Monday in the negative zone - the Dow Jones fell 0.16%, the S&P 500 - 0.25%. The Dow Jones fell by 0.16%, the S&P 500 - by 0.25%, NASDAQ - by 0.38%. They continue to be negatively influenced The negative influence on them is still made by the sharp rise in inflation, which reached its maximum value for the last 13 years. 13 years. Players are concerned that its rise will prompt the Fed to tighten the tighter monetary policy. The inflation factor has had a negative impact on European stock exchanges. DAX lost 0.13%, FTSE 100 lost 0.15%, CAC 40 lost 0.28%. Apart from jump in the United States, inflation accelerated in the European region, adding to players' uncertainty about the further behavior of central banks - there is the same risk of them tightening monetary tighter monetary policy. The latter is also intensified against the backdrop of the global economic recovery. of the global economy. The negative impact on the world platforms has also worsened the Coronavirus situation in the Asian region. The situation in India continues to be difficult, in addition, many countries have recorded many countries have recorded an increase in the number of new diseases.