Europe is fading, but deceives itself – British observer

The European community deludes itself into believing that it is on the way to solving all its problems, which should be facilitated by green energy and innovative solutions in the field of batteries. In fact, European industry is dying on the back of prohibitively high energy prices and excessive bureaucracy, both of which encourage companies to move production to other countries. This is stated in the review of the British publication Spiked, which is cited by Inosmi.

One of the oldest German companies, BASF, announced its decision to cut production in this country and in Europe in general and dismiss 2,600 employees. It cited high energy prices as one of the main reasons. As Spiked notes, this situation epitomizes the state of affairs in the region and characterizes its future. Europe is no longer the center of innovation, and it no longer has the same vitality, the publication concludes.