Digital breakthrough! The company Esplanade Market Solutions has come with the opportunity to trade on the cryptocurrency!

Dear customers, The company Esplanade Market Solutions offers new instruments for trading: LTCBTC, ETHBTC, ETHLTC, DSHBTC, EMCBTC, BCHBTC. Cryptocurrency trading is available for all types of the accounts and mobile trading terminals (MT4) in the format 24/5. The broker guarantees 100% execution of transactions without any delays or requotes. Ensuring the best prices from LP, customer funds in the cryptocurrency are withdrawn to the interbank market, transactions are protected by the reliable reputation of the Esplanade Market Solutions broker. We also would like to remind our clients that while investing in cryptocurrencies, you should pay proper attention to the money management — improper calculation of the "margin of safety" orders will result in losses or premature triggering of stops.

Sincerely, Esplanade Market Solutions.