Bank losses around the world point to U.S. real estate problems

Banks from different countries that provide loans in the American real estate market are suffering losses that are only increasing. This trend is observed in banking structures from different regions - the United States, Europe and Asia. This makes experts doubt the stability of the U.S. real estate sector, reports the agency "Prime" with reference to the Financial Times.

This week three banks announced about the problems of lending in the U.S. real estate market. New York Community Bancorp incurred tangible losses on it, in connection with which its shares collapsed by 45%. Deutsche Bank and Japanese Aozora Bank pointed out the risks associated with their activity on it. The collapse of the U.S. holding triggered a fall in the securities of the world's largest banks, which Aozora's fell more than 20%. The KBW Bank Index, which includes U.S. regional banking organizations, posted its sharpest decline since the collapse of Silicon Valley last spring.

According to billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht, the country's office real estate market will suffer huge losses of more than $1 trillion, causing many banks to default.